Quality Control & Maintenance of Confidentiality


RDC Technologies considers quality and end product accuracy as being of great importance. We guarantee our clients the highest level of accuracy. We do this by maintaining stringent checks on client data at all the times during the keying/imaging/scanning process. These checks form part of the company-wide standard operating procedure, which is strictly followed. With the strict adoption of this process, RDC Technologies achieves and maintain a higher accuracy rate as well. We also apply double key entry system for the additional accuracy of data output, wherever needed. Furthermore, in the area of quality control, we have specific edits and validation norms and procedures that are customized by our experienced and qualified software programmers for each job. Every software developed for any assignment undergoes several test-run and stringent logical evaluations before its implementation.


In the area of psychometric services, the quality of questions is ensured through research mechanism such as validation and reliability checks, discrimination value, difficulty index etc. A group of educationists/industry professionals/psychometricians across the IIMS, IITs, Universities, Institutions of national reputes, work together to prepare the questions for specific needs. Before deciding a final set of questions ( the mainly objective type with four to five alternatives) moderation committee seat together and select the questions from a large question bank along with freshly prepared questions. While printing we take special precaution with regard to complete removal of typographical errors by professional and qualified proofreaders.