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Energy Conservation Awareness Campaign

The fact that there is urgent need for sustainable management and conservation of energy because of its non-renewable nature and cannot be replenished.

The energy that we consume for our cooking medium is non-renewable. Most of the residential households in Delhi generally use either gas or kerosene for cooking purposes. The various households in Delhi normally resort to gas or kerosene to prepare food or boil water or for any other related purposes. As the supply of these mediums is limited and cannot be replenished, it is imperative to make best of their cost effective use with optimum result.

Campaign Message

"Conserve Energy"

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Energy Conservation


School children and residential households.


The objective was to generate knowledge and skills for energy conservation and management. It also involves identification of basic issues and public policy measures for the sustainable management and conservation of energy generally being used for our cooking medium, cooking gas and kerosene:

  • Cooking habit, i.e. Plan the cooking schedule of a day so as to avoid repetition to conserve energy and save time
  • Cooking devices, i.e. use ISI (issued by Bureau of Indian Standards for standardization and quality of products) marked gas or kerosene stoves for cooking
  • Cooking medium, i.e. covered cooking vessels and pressure cookers saves energy and time; further, pressure cookers not only cook fast but also make two / three items at one go
  • Cooking ingredients, i.e. soak coarse food items like rice, dal, etc. before cooking and also keep frozen food item out of fridge to come to the room temperature before putting them on the stove
  • Promoting education and literacy campaigns on energy conservation & sustainable management, and safe cooking habits, more particularly with regard to the side effects of sub-standard cooking devices
Project Summary