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Future Cities: India 2020

One of the biggest challenges of 21st century will be to understand phenomenon of urban agglomeration. Most of the 20th century’s concept and visions about cities are being questioned. New approaches need to be invented; other actions/methods needs to be incorporated in the existing work methods. It is essential to search for new techniques to deal with large urban agglomeration and application of GIS and Remote sensing technique at the various stages of planning, implementation and monitoring of the urban projects.

Future Cities India 2020 is initiated by NRDMS Division of Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India with the objective of harnessing the young mind’s creative skills to address the local issues by way of design, interaction, communication and spreading the awareness, developed the Future Cities program in India.

Future Cities India 2020 – what is it!

  • National competition – To start with a pilot in Delhi
  • High School and Technical College Student project - team based
  • Focused on real world challenges, using real world data
  • Using globally recognized professional software
  • Teachers serving as Program Counselors
  • Practicing professionals serving as team mentors
  • Outcomes are realistic/innovative proposals/answers
  • Students learning a marketable skill
  • Capacity building in geospatial technologies


The participants are from two categories, i.e. selected high schools and technical colleges. Eight high schools and eight technical colleges of Delhi were selected for the pilot programme.

Collaborating Agencies

As a pilot project, DST and Bentley Systems India Private Limited are implementing the Future Cities 2020 in India in collaboration.

RDC, which has expertise and resources, is working in tandem with DST in realizing the goals set in the project. RDC is working on and behalf of DST by deploying its resources and will facilitate in organizing the events, achieving tasks and objectives.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to organize the event on and behalf of DST, besides deploying the manpower, resources for success of the event and facilitating the following:

  • Technology installation at school (computer, printer, scanner, etc.)
  • Scholarship/Awards to winners
  • Promotion & Publicity
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