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Cost Effectiveness


Resource Development Consultants can give financially savvy arrangements that may start tolerably however can develop exponentially with no expansion in capital costs or HR.


Master Professional Staff


The best and center administration at Resource Development Consultants orders a rich viable affair of more than 35 years, In its separate fields of movement.



Subjective Control and Accuracy Levels


Since Resource Development Consultants has practical experience in frameworks, for example, ocr, omr picture handling, information transformation, information preparing and BPO, which contain strict quality controls, most extreme information exactness is protected. We utilize modernized approval schedules, as well as our prepared and experienced staff directs the information handling at all levels guaranteeing quality and precision upto 99.999%.We are completely dedicated towards our ISO 9001:2000 accreditation




Resource Development Consultants gives speedy turnaround time to its customers, regarding and holding fast to the time Schedules as indicated by the customers without giving up information trustworthiness and exactness.




Our expert staff is dependably close by to counsel and guidance you and answer your questions anytime of time. Furthermore, information might be transmitted to Resource Development Consultants, workplaces by fax, modem, web, ftp or if found locally we can likewise mastermind individual accumulation.


Quick Access to Information and Images


Resource Development Consultants can give the most ideal approach to process and store archives and in this way empowers the association to have about momentary access to all put away records. It can give you a clever report recovery programming for fast reference.


Client Care


Resource Development Consultants has faith in keeping up solid client relationship through consistent contact and nonstop overhauling of customer questions and giving such administrations that meet the desires of our customer. Our clients are our needs. Resource Development Consultants Operates Call Centers for solid customer Servicing.Cost Effectiveness

Resource Development Consultants can give financially savvy arrangements that may start tolerably however can develop exponentially with no expansion in capital costs or HR.


We have an expert panel of renowned assessment faculty as paper setters with an array of Question banks which can be fielded for the said examination.Framing effective question papers is very important for assessing the learning outcome of learners in terms of achievements with reference to the objectives.The works of question paper setting and evaluation become more important, particularly when students come from different educational backgrounds and boards.


Our executive shall collect all the forms on the last day of submission. We shall form a database of all the candidates and issue them hall tickets via post and email. This can be done online too as per the requirement.The candidates can download e-admit cards by logging in into their accounts by their id and password.The candidate should enter the application number, Date of Birth
and security code.


On the date of the examination our personnel shall bring the question papers (in a sealed envelope).  Answer sheets and stationary for the examination shall be provided by us to all the students. We take care, that question paper does not include too many items that the examiner does not find time to think, formulate, review and revise his response if necessary.


All answer sheets shall be collected by our executive and sealed in cover to be send to our head office for verification via computer analysis. The results shall be sealed and submitted to the University (in a sealed envelope) to be declared. The entire process remains confidential and transparent and under the scrutiny of our auditing agency.

Experience of Many years in Examination Conduction



Psychometrics are the core of any substantial, dependable secure program which incorporates appraisal. Resource Development Consultants offers major psychometric counseling administrations, including.




We break down exam results to decide the impact an alternate length exam would have on dependability/legitimacy. At the point when examination unwavering quality insights are low, we assess conceivable causes and prescribe approaches to build dependability.




We draw on measurable banners and other proof to distinguish any gatherings of applicants whose outcomes propose conceivable deceiving or coordinated effort in a solitary test organization or over a more drawn out time allotment.




We decide whether exam things are reasonable and suitable crosswise over different ethnic and statistic gatherings and perform similarly crosswise over English and non-English structures.




We offer credentialing associations a serious introduction to psychometric standards and practices.



Over the last few years, technology has been permeating into evaluation process of essay type examinations. The need to improve efficiency, accuracy, speed and security of evaluation is attracting more examination bodies to try out new methods with the use of technology. On-Screen Marking (OSM) is a concept that has been doing rounds in the global examination context for years.

Keeping in mind the large volumes of descriptive examinations administered in India, MeritTrac has aligned with RM Results, a leading provider of education technology in the UK for over 35 years, to contextualize a tried & tested On-Screen Marking solution for the Indian market.


Resource Development Consultants- On Screen Marking solution has been helping Universities and Boards apply technology to the activity of evaluating/scoring descriptive answer scripts by an evaluator. The ease of use, the extensive evaluation functionality built over years of use by leading examination bodies and delivery capability has been widely appreciated by Universities who are migrating to this environment.


Resource Development Consultants On Screen Marking solution leverages the robustness of RM Results’ RM Assessor. RM Assessor, the world’s most widely used onscreen marking application and has been used in over 150 countries across the globe.




On-Screen Marking is the process of applying technology to the process of marking/evaluating descriptive answer scripts with a view of improving quality, flexibility, efficiency and transparency while making the scoring process easier for evaluators.




Special care is taken in designing Eindiatech to help a smooth transition from pen and paper evaluations to evaluation on screen. In order to achieve this, the solution is contextualized to Indian evaluation environment. Moreover, Eindiatech delivery team administers detailed training of resources and ensures that the evaluators are comfortable and complete evaluation to the satisfaction of the University / Board.




The solution has been built in consultation with evaluators and has undergone evaluation of millions of scripts. The solution has all necessary features that replicate the pen and paper evaluation. Evaluators can leverage over 100′s of annotations and evaluation tools that make evaluation convenient. For example, an evaluator can use inbuilt tools to measure length, angles and other dimensions for evaluating a diagram drawn in the answer script.




Resource Development Consultants is built on the concept of improving quality in the case of large scale evaluations and has a three-step quality assurance process.

Practice Script: Expert/Senior Evaluator panel is asked to evaluate a set of answer scripts. Each evaluator gets to see this paper along with the marks evaluated. The evaluator can mark this script for practice.

Standardisation Script: The pre-marked scripts will be made available to the evaluator without displaying the marks awarded by the Senior Evaluator. A tolerance level for marks awarded can be set for each paper and if the evaluator awards marks within the tolerance level, he/she will be approved by the supervisor for evaluating.




Seeding Script: Board can decide the number & frequency of pre-marked answer scripts to be corrected by the evaluators while they are marking “live” scripts. The evaluator will not be able to distinguish between live scripts & seeded scripts. If the evaluator violates the tolerance level set by the expert panel, a message will be sent to the supervisor and corrective measures can be taken.




Resource Development Consultants offers extensive supervision capabilities that increases control of the government in the evaluation process. Supervisor can view the team member marking progress from his work list screen, open items which are waiting for or undergoing marking, or marked but un-submitted, closed items that have been marked and submitted.



Optical mark recognition (also called optical mark reading and OMR) is the process of capturing human-marked data from document forms such as surveys and tests.They are used to read questionnaires, multiple choice examination paper in the form of lines or shadded areas.

OMR software is a computer software application that makes OMR possible on a desktop computer by using an Image scanner to process surveys, tests, attendance sheets, checklists, and other plain-paper forms printed on a laser printer.

OMR software is used to capture data from OMR sheets. While data capturing scanning devices focus on many factors like thickness of paper dimensions of OMR sheet and designing pattern.


⇒ Designing and Printing of OMR (Optical Mark Reader) text Forms.

⇒ Scanning OMR text Forms for programmed information catching.

⇒ Scanning Marks Tabulation Sheets for programmed marks passage.

⇒ Scanning study frames.

⇒ Scanning Application shapes.

⇒ Scanning Answer Sheets.



The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is another route for individuals who didn’t complete secondary school to win a certificate and get on track for school or a vocation. Test takers can take the exam utilizing a PC, or with pencil and paper. The exam has five sections: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Writing. All areas are numerous decision, (40 – 50 questions) and the Writing segment likewise requires test takers to compose a paper. The HiSET test keeps going a few hours, and isn’t anything but difficult to pass. It’s critical to be completely arranged for the exam on test day. Mometrix Academy gives an extensive number of free HiSET test recordings you can use to prepare for the exam. Exploit them to amplify your score!




Hiset test  is a totally free asset given by Resource Development Consultants . On the off chance that you discover advantage from our endeavors here, look at our excellent quality HiSET consider manual for take your concentrate to the following level. Simply tap the HiSET think about guide interface beneath. Your buy additionally causes us make significantly more extraordinary, free substance for test-takers.




The HiSET (also called the ETS High School Equivalency Test) is a state sanctioned test discharged in the year 2014. It was made by the ITP (Iowa Testing Programs) and ETS (Educational Testing Service).

The HiSET is equivalent to the GED. Like the GED, the HiSET is intended to help individuals who neglected to move on from secondary school and might want to procure their certificate. The ETS and ITP designed the HiSET to fit the necessities of the OVAE and CCR Standards for Adult Education. It is 100 percent intended to assess your availability for an expert or scholarly condition and disclose to you where you exceed expectations and where regardless you have to make strides.



Resource Development Consultants has been overseeing Paper based Examination since its origin. Our insight and capacity to benefit Educational foundations, Government associations and Corporate, have helped us use and build up best practices in test conveyance in the nation. Conveying a fruitful pen and paper exam is about entirely tolerating to forms that guarantee security, straightforwardness and influence the examination to process time-bound.

We have more than 1000 test focuses crosswise over 350 urban communities where we have conveyed pen and paper exams. This rundown continues expanding each year as we bolster more associations, scale and accomplish institutionalization through the administrations we offer.


Pen and Paper Examinations


  • Associations that have utilized Resource Development Consultants experience to oversee its pen and paper examinations have accomplished the various advantages.
  • Use understanding of 16 years of managing pen and paper exams for around 400 associations.
  • High level of security in examinations by utilizing ISO ensured forms
  • More than 20 million pen and paper exams conveyed till date
  • Most extensive achieve; capacity to direct pen and paper exams anyplace in the nation
  • Biggest pool of prepared and confirmed test manages.


Enter works in a paper based examination


Question paper and reaction sheet coordination – Our procedure guarantees that inquiry papers are produced and imprinted in secure condition and delivered to the separate test fixates on time in a profoundly secure way.


Exam Center Admission-Candidates are approved, confirmed against the points of interest gave in the concede card and photos are checked to guarantee the subtle elements of the test taker and the examination are in a state of harmony.


Bio metric Capture and Authentication-Validation of hopeful is finished utilizing different methodologies. Valid – a patent pending bio measurements based verification benefit is utilized to guarantee that the instances of pantomime are maintained a strategic distance from.Test Administration and Proctoring-Resource Development Consultants comprehends the significance of following the center precepts of exams. Our prepared and confirmed chairmen guarantee that acts of neglect are checked.


Turn around Logistics-Candidate reaction sheets are accommodated, fixed and shared back to the exam control focus in a protected way.