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Application of Developmental Fund under the Welfare of Schedule Castes Scheme in Orissa and West Bengal: Evaluation of Activities on Vocational Centre, Crafts Centre and Computer Centre

The evaluation study on “Application of Developmental Fund under the Welfare of Schedule Castes Scheme in Orissa and West Bengal: Evaluation of Activities on Vocational Centre, Crafts Centre and Computer Centre” was part of the effort to assess the impact of the implementation of various programmes undertaken by the government through various implementing agencies for social, educational and economic development of the Scheduled Castes. Further, as part of the study it is required to find out the overall difficulties, functioning and implementation of the existing Scheme of Supporting Projects of All-India or Inter-State Nature (Research & Training) for the Development of the Scheduled Castes, of the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt of India.

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Target Groups

Schedule caste beneficiaries of the various schemes of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India under vocational centre and crafts centre in West Bengal and Orissa.


  • To evaluate the activities/training carried under the scheme in the targeted states of Orissa and West Bengal and the scope for entrepreneurship development and self-employment
  • To examine the relevance/viability of the activities under the scheme to the changing demands of industry, business and market, and suitable altercation, modification and substitution, if any
  • To examine the scope and relevance of collaboration with industry and business for reinforcing/reinventing the mutualities of interest, particularly in the context of employers demand for a motivated and competent workforce
  • To evaluate the training activities for the scheduled castes implemented under the scheme in Orissa and West Bengal and the existing and futuristic scope for self-employment and employment opportunities in relation to the training in industry/business


  • The level of knowledge, skills and attitudes of the present and past participants from the Centres vis-à-vis the level of competency and motivation achieved in relation to self-employment and employment
  • Training under the scheme and the scope and motivation for self-employment
  • The learning types, i.e. for multi-skill, job rotation and new technologies
  • Relevance of imparted training vis-à-vis the changing needs of industry and business in the region

Universe of the Study

  • Twenty eight sample NGOs from the two-targeted states (Orissa: 23, West Bengal: 5) under the scheme for the development of the scheduled castes were selected
  • A total of 588 participants/beneficiaries in the scheme, @ 21 from each of the NGOs, were covered in the study
  • NGO functionaries, @ one from each of the sample 28 NGOs
Project Summary